Mobility's 5th Anniversary! Announcing... a level editor?! Coming soon!

Hi everyone!

Mobility's 5th Anniversary is TODAY! 🎊

Time flies, huh? I've been looking for a fun way to celebrate. So I'd like to announce Mobility version 2.0: introducing...

An editor to create custom levels! Releasing soon for the desktop versions of the game.

This has been a popular feature suggestion ever since the game launched. It was my intention have a proper level editor in a potential Mobility sequel... However, as an anniversary celebration, I figured to add one to the original game!

Here are the details:

  • You can place most of the objects from the original game, plus platforms in more sizes, as well as some other surprises.
  • Place cables and decor to indicate the path, and make your level look nice!
  • Includes a new level pack, which you can play & edit!

Note that there won't be a portal for sharing levels in-game, this is out of scope. I'm still looking at other options for players to share levels with each other online.

I hoped to have the update ready today, but it was a bit more work that I expected! All core functionality is in, but I'm still testing and polishing the editor tool. I'll have more info about a release date later!

This update will also come with a bit of polish and bug fixes for the main game (including updating the browser version, which is currently a bit behind). If there are no weird lingering issues, this will likely be the last update for Mobility.

Thank you all for playing, and here's to many more years of accessible platforming fun!

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It's been a while, is this still being worked on? I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, I understand if you're busy. 

Also, do you read your twitter DMs? I asked a speedrunning related question a couple months ago and didn't get an answer.

I'm still working on this but it's going very slowly. I hope to really have some news soon, especially since the next anniversary is already coming up :P
I haven´t checked my Twitter messages since the Musk takeover, sorry!

That's very understandable lol. Since you don't check your messages, what's the best way to contact you now?

You can email me I guess? I also have a Mastodon, I haven´t posted a lot there but I do check it from time to time, and I think you can send private messages to it.
Once the level update rolls out the itch page might also get a forum, so that could work too.

I can't wait to see this level editor. Mobility is an unique amazing game, but I finished a long time ago. It's my second fav GameMaker platformer after Pizza Tower.


Thank you! Yeah, sorry for the lack of news on this recently. I'm still working on it, all core functionality is in, and now I'm working on polishing the editor, doing QA, and making some levels. I hope to have more news soon!

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Aw man I missed the anniversary. Can't believe it's been 5 years...A level editor is awesome!!