Version v1.2.0 - Maintenance Update

Hiya! It's been a while, so here's a small (very overdue) maintenance update for Mobility. This version is only for Windows and Ubuntu at the moment, the browser version still has some lingering issues from the engine update so it'll come later.

While it mostly updates the game engine version to ensure that the game will stay compatible with devices in the future, there is actually a small new feature: the GIF recorder! This replaces the experimental AVI recorder and can be enabled from the settings. Then, press [X] at the end of a level to record away! Oh, and there are also some fixes for a couple of nasty bugs (thanks for the speedrunners for reporting most of these!)

Changelog - v1.2.0.0 [Windows/Ubuntu]

[New] Updated from Game Maker Studio 1.4 VM to 2.2 YYC, should improve performance & compatibility of the game.
[New] GIF recorder.  (Replaces AVI recorder for Windows, prompts save location after recording. Newly available for Ubuntu, recorded GIFs are placed in home/config/Mobility/Gifs.)
[Tweak] Slight improvements to the settings: the different categories in the settings now have a little spacing in-between, and the key remapper has had some adjustments.
[Tweak] StarFixHQ Par times have been made a little bit more generous (gold 2:40 -> 3:00, silver 4:00 -> 4:15).
[Tweak] After beating the game, the wind blocking the shortcut in the StarFixHQ disappears to allow navigation from both directions.
[Fix] Fixed that quickly restarting a level after selecting a mode could result in a crash.
[Fix] Fixed that controls prompt could show up when standing on a grind rail.
[Fix] Fixes that the game would go to the title screen after two minutes of being idle in some circumstances.
[Fix] Fixes that timers would display some times incorrectly (e.g. 60 seconds would be displayed as 0:60 instead of 1:00)
[Fix] Fixes some glitchy-looking UI layouts (e.g. character unlock title).
[Fix] A number of other smaller fixes & minor changes.

If you have any issues with the update, please let me know!

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Version 2 Oct 11, 2021

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Great update!

Although as a speedrunner I would like a more challenging crown times maybe as a secret 4th crown (1 above gold or something). The current community StarFixHQ SoB is at 2:00.57 closing in on the sub 2min. a crown with 2:00-2:10 wont be that achievable for casual players but it would be a fun challenge for speedrunners and those who want challenge (no individual has reached 2:00.xx yet, mine is at 2:01.57).

Anyway there is 2 bug I would like to report. First a simple one, Replays get desynced if you jump 2 frames in a row. This desync is quite easy to get on web since you can perform it by just holding your jump-key. this bug also exists on the windows version although you wont encounter it as often since you need to use two different keybinds, I tested it on V1.2.0 and you really need to try to get the bug in order to experience it.

The second bug is in Ultima, If you respawn (contact and Radius)  before getting the next checkpoint excluding the first cp but after killing the boss. The game slows down to 1-2 fps untill the boss hit sound plays once more(usually around 2-3s). This is a bug I experience a lot from hunting Ultima in radius. On web you sometimes get a different outcome though. Instead of game slowdown you will hear 5-10 boss hit sounds in quick succession and a tiny bit of lag barely noticeable.

There is of course more "glitches" but they are beneficial for speedrunning and therefore I don't want them removed :)

Ah, good catches! I am still slowly working on getting the web version updated, so I'll add these two issues to the bug list to fix. (Thanks for the detailed reports!)

I don't think I'm going to add more secrets to the game at this point, so let me just say that I'm super impressed by how much you speedrunners have managed to get that number down!


I just found a new bug although this one is using one of the cheat codes specifically oneshot. If you complete the game and go the debug room, you are able to crouch on top of the completion overview things and with that open the pause menu. But there is no way of closing the pause menu since the pause button is disabled by oneshot. so you have no way of removing this pause screen and no way to exit back to the main menu (you are soft-locked).

Also update on the StarfixHQ community SoB, It's currently at 1:58.67 which means that we have broken the 2min barrier :)

Sorry for the late reply, but you can still use the CANCEL button to close the menu in these cases! It's still curious though, so I'll probably still fix it. Also, good job on getting that record time even further down!