Mobility version V1.0.3 - Bug fixes

Thank you all for the lovely reception of Mobility so far! I've been tweaking the game a bit based on the feedback I've gotten. Here's the changelog, which I just pushed live on Windows, Linux, and the browser version.

Mobility version V1.0.3.0

All versions
[Add] If you press [F12] on the main menu, it will directly bring you to the keybinding menu. Useful if you made a critical mistake when mapping your keys and made the game unplayable as a result.
[Fix] The keybindings menu now properly saves your keybindings when you leave the menu.
[Tweak] Maximum camera speed decreased a bit.
[Tweak] The error message now flashes when it appears in the keybinding menu.
[Tweak] Shortened cooldown before you can talk to NPCs or use teleporters again.

[Tweak] Less controller buttons are mapped by default to make the default settings compatible with more controllers.

[Fix] Settings that are unsupported on Linux are now removed from the options menu.

[Fix] Fixed the settings from loading incorrectly.
[Fix] No more controller buttons are mapped at default, since they're unsupported in the browser version.


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Version 7 Feb 19, 2018

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