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I love precision platformers, but they've always been really difficult. Mobility is my attempt to make the genre more accessible, with different difficulty settings, accessibility options, and a browser version. (Die-hard fans, though, can also ignore all that and just play everything on the highest difficulty. Your choice!)

In Mobility, every platform is a switch you activate upon contact. The goal in each level is to activate all platforms, making each level a little puzzle, especially when you're attempting to score a new record. In the story, these rooms are engine rooms on spaceships that you (a repairman in training) has to fix.

I made this game over two years, in my free time during my game design bachelor study. While I am not charging for this game, if you enjoy it consider voting with your wallet to support me with making more games in the future.

The development of the game is almost done! Until the release, I'll be using this page here as a devlog! (Other places you can keep up with it are the itch.io forums, GameJolt, and my Twitter.) For more info about the game, or to sign up to our release mailing, check out the website!

Development log


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I can't wait for this game to come out! From the looks of the teasers, I love it already! Can you please notify me when this comes out? My email is 41BrRisack@gmail.com!

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Thanks! Added you to the mailing list.

If anyone else wants to sign up for the release mailing, you can do so on the game's website (just below the screenshots).