Version v1.0.4 - More bug fixes

Hey all! Thanks to your feedback, I've been able to fix most issues that were still plaguing Mobility. Here are the details:

Version v1.0.4

All versions
[Fix] Growth platforms will now grow less quickly when bigger. This should fix some levels that were previously near impossible to beat on this mode, while not necessarily making it much less hard.
[Fix] Game now binds keys properly, even if the settings file fails to save upon the initial game start.
[Fix] Changed how the audio is loaded into the game to fix the audio sometimes not playing in the browser version. This might change loading times and the size of this patch.
[Fix] Optimized some rooms on the final ship.
[Fix] On rare occasions you could get stuck in walls when playing as Toastar.
[Tweak] Skip the 'Ship complete!' message by pressing [Esc].
[Tweak] Tutorial on the double jump is now a bit more lenient.
[Tweak] Minor dialog/interface changes & minor level changes.
[Tweak] On Vanish & Growth, the decoration of the platform now slowly fades to black to indicate when it's going to vanish or electrify.
[Tweak] Added a "Get the soundtrack!" link in the settings menu.
[Tweak] Your total time is now displayed at the end of the credits.

[Fix] Optimized the game slightly.
[Fix] Sometimes audio would only loop the first five seconds or so before cutting to a minute of silence in Chrome. This update should fix this issue.
[Fix] Game screen now recenters & rescales when you change the size of the browser window. (If you put your browser in full screen with [F11], the game might even fill the entire screen! Try it out!)
[Fix] Fixes a crash in Internet Explorer that happened when closing the pause menu.
[Tweak] Fancy new loading bar.


Mobility footage!

There are some Youtubers that have given the game a try—if you like watching that sort of thing, I gathered them in a playlist here. Enjoy!

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Version 9 Feb 26, 2018

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