v2.0 - Encore update: new illusions, Ultimate Shuffle, and more!

It took a while, but the final & biggest update (dubbed Fake Illusions: Encore Update) is finally here! It brings four new illusions, a new shuffle mode with some extra distractions, and other bits of polish to make this truly the final version of the game. Let's take a look at them!

Are the lines in the Ehrenstein illusion straight or bent? The white lines surrounding the red lines create an illusion of the line being bent! Of course, you'll select the faker straight away, right?

The Munker illusion that toys with your perception of how bright certain colors are! With just three colors, you can make it seem like there are a lot more colors than there actually are. Because of the contrast between the white and black background, you might perceive different gray luminance for each.

The Jastrov illusion has bent shapes that sometimes look longer than they actually are. Except for one, of course. If you have ever played with wooden train tracks, you might recognize this curved shape!

If you have ever looked at a tiled wall before and couldn't figure out if the lines were straight or diagonal, that's not just you! Gregory was the first to identify this "Cafe Wall" as an illusion. (I originally planned this illusion for the initial release of the game, and I'm super happy I managed to make it work for this final update!)

There's now a Side B to the level select where you can find all post-release illusions, plus a mysterious, extra difficult version of the Shuffle mode... If you want to attempt the new illusions right from the beginning of the game, you can use the new Unlock All feature to instantly get access to all illusions and Endless Mode (look for the lock icon on the settings menu).

The new keymap menu allows you to change the keybindings as you'd like! You can map a keyboard and a controller in this way.

Thus comes an end to the three year long development cycle of Fake Illusions! Compared to the original release of the game last year, the game now has almost double the illusions and a large amount of accessibility features added. I've had a lot of fun working on this game and I'm very proud of what I produced. I hope you'll enjoy this final update!

Changelog (v2.0.0):

  • Added Jastrow, Ehrenstein, Gregory (Cafe Wall), and Munker illusions.
  • Added a B-side to the level select. Moved some illusions there.
  • Added Ultimate Shuffle, which shuffles through the original & new illusions with some new distractions. (The original Shuffle mode now only shuffles through the original ten illusions.)
  • Unlock All button: This will instantly grant access to all illusions and modes without the need to unlock those. Can be toggled on & off at any time from the settings. (Enabling this option will also cause the Shuffle modes to shuffle through all their illusions, even those you might not have played yet.)
  • Added keybinding for keyboard & controller. Access it using the icon in the top right of the level select. You can assign up to nine keyboard or gamepad keys for each action.
  • Improved keyboard and gamepad controls: most notably, directional input will now repeat if a button is held down, and directional input on gamepad sticks should be more consistent now.
  • Most of the existing illusions have received polish to fix graphical bugs, remove issues on higher zoom levels, fix things not being visible on low/high brightness settings, improve clarity, fix hitbox oddities, and much more.
  • The buttons to toggle different distractions in Endless mode should now be labeled & more noticeable in general.
  • Improved audio quality of music & sfx. Added two new pieces of music.
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes, performance optimizations & other tweaks to improve the gameplay experience.
  • Added some easter eggs.
  • Final notes:
    • This update reduces the range of available brightness level, because too bright/dark options that were not comfortable for playing & would make illusions either too hard or easy. However, if you have selected a higher value before the update, the game will still respect your setting until you change it in the settings menu.
    • For new save files, dark mode is now enabled by default. This does not affect existing saves. You can toggle between the light & dark theme in the settings.
    • Due to some changes to how save data is handled, it could be possible your current difficulty setting will reset to the default after the update. You can change it back in the settings menu.

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