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Fake Illusions is a collection of optical illusions—but some of them are not playing fair! Where some lines only look shorter or taller, one line is actually taller, and rectangles look like they differ in color, but secretly, once of them will have a slightly different color, camouflaged by the illusion. It's your job to point them out! But beware—the fakers will do everything to stay unnoticed...

Featuring ten different illusions like the Hermann Grind or Müller-Lyer arrows, each with a number of variants and distractions, and hectic shuffle and endless modes!

Coming soon! Get updates by adding the game to a collection, or joining the mailing list! There's also a press kit. Want to play now? The @FakeIllusionBot tweets a puzzle from the game every day!

Accessibility info:

  • Epilepsy warning: This game features optical illusions, repeating patterns, and high contrast images. If you start feeling sick or dizzy while playing, stop immediately.
  • Color blind friendly: the game uses only greyscale, red and green colors, with adjustable brightness. Some illusions require you to spot differences between colors, but these can be skipped.
  • Textless: Very little reading is required to play Fake Illusions.
  • Autosave: Quit the game at any time and continue exactly where you left off next time you play.
  • Difficulty: The game is designed to be difficult but fair. You can also set the "fake" illusion to be easier to harder or spot in the settings. This is also indicated with a smiley in the interface.
  • Controls: Completely playable with just the mouse and left mouse button.

Tip: Play it co-operatively with a couple of friends! As long as everyone can see your screen, you can use the ID number each illusion is tagged with to discuss and accuse fakers.

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