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Fake Illusions is a collection of optical illusions—but some of them are not playing fair! Where some lines only look diagonal, one line actually is, and circles look like they differ in size, but secretly, one of them is bigger or smaller, camouflaged by the illusion. It's your job to point them out! But beware—the fakers will do everything to stay unnoticed... It's the ultimate test of your focus!

Featuring more than fifteen illusions about color, perspective, and movement, with lots of variants and distractions. Try the relaxing Zen mode, or the hectic Shuffle mode! Oh, and you can record GIFs, too!

Epilepsy warning
This game features optical illusions, repeating patterns, and high contrast images. If you start feeling sick or dizzy while playing, stop immediately.

Accessibility info:

  • Color blind friendly: the game uses mostly greyscale colors, with adjustable brightness. Illusions that require you to spot differences in color can be skipped.
  • Textless: Very little reading is required to play Fake Illusions.
  • Autosave: Quit the game at any time and continue exactly where you left off next time you play.
  • Difficulty: You can freely adjust how much the faker stands out for every illusion.
  • Controls: Completely playable with just the mouse, keyboard, or gamepad. Keyboard and gamepad are remappable.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Version 5
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Version 6

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Sweet update! But it looks like I found a bug:

Ah, very good catch! I'm guessing your difficulty slider is set to a very high percentage? It does make the illusion very easy to cheese, though. I'll look into it, thanks for reporting!

This game looks great! I loved mobility and I'm really excited to play this game! I'll buy it asap, 'cause this looks wild!

Thank you! I hope to announce a release date soon, so stay tuned!


Don't worry I will, thought I'm sad 'cause I don' t have access to a computer rn, but I'll play it asap

(1 edit)

Well, then how did you type that if you don't have a computer to do it? Did you borrow someone else's?

hum... smartphone exists