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My review:

The game was amazing. I don't even like platforms that much, let alone impossibly hard precision platforms, but this one held me to the end. twice.

This game's biggest accomplishment is the amazing difficulty system. Somehow, you made the difficulty changeable in platformer! My first play though I found Vanish to fit just right, and I had a lot of fun with the later levels.  The second play-though on the hardest difficulty was just as great, it was like playing the game all over again.

The second thing that held me to the end was the controls and game feel. It always felt just right to bounce around in the levels. You get just enough control over your character to make each level a blast. Even just to hop around the main overworld is great. I played most of the levels.

The game has some minor issues of course, but I'm really just nitpicking here. Firstly the inner ring is horribly laggy, and is not help by the fact that it is large and hard to get around on its own. It might be improved with a button to teleport to the main area on it, but neither really hurts the experience much.

Overall, Its a great game. The aesthetic is cutsy and great, your character feels amazing to control, and the difficulty levels helped me play though in a great flow state. Every time that I though "oh god this game would be so good if it had 'X' " My expectations were met.

10 out of fucking 10.

yeah I said it.


The controller support doesn't seem to work


Controller support only works in the Windows version, and I only tested it with USB controllers, so others could behave unpredictably. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'll look into updating the controller support for the next update.

im using a xboxone controller wired on windows?

Strange, that's one of the controllers I've confirmed that should work. Some things I can think of that could be going wrong:

  • Joystick support is turned off in the settings.
  • Controller was plugged in after the game launched. If you want to confirm a controller was detected by the game, go to the "Joystick" option in the settings screen. If it's description displays question marks, the game isn't detecting your controller for some reason.
  • Key maps aren't set correctly for some reason. If you press [F12] on the main menu you set the keybindings for the controller, or press [F12] again to reset it to default in case they did not initialize properly.

If those things don't help, would you mind providing more details? Does the game actually receive input from the controller, or doesn't it do anything at all?

Deleted 1 year ago

Aah, that's a shame. I'm sorry, I'm going to look into it from my side. but it could take some time. One final thing I can think of is updating the controller's drivers, but I doubt that's it. If you really want to play with a controller, look into software that can convert controller inputs into keyboard presses. I'm really sorry I can't provide a better solution at the moment!

I have been following this game since it was just a devlog. I'm so glad it's finally released and I can play it.


Thanks, and enjoy the game!

This is really cute and happy and I have to thank you so much for this! +1 for the accessibility options!

Thanks for playing, glad the options were helpful :)

Really enjoyed playing this, great little game. Nice simple visuals which work perfectly with the gameplay and great music. Really appreciated the light humour and storyline and enjoyed the difficulty options with each level, great idea. I'm not sure what the choice of characters really added to the game, if anything I feel it detracted from the story if you're changing characters as you progress through the game. I didn't notice any change in abilities or difficulty with each player so I assume it's purely aesthetic? Overall I really like it and would love to see a sequel or extended version, could happily play this for a much longer period of time. Completed the first play through on Contact in 1hr 40mins and although you have the re-playability in other difficulties the storyline is already over. Already recommended it to a few friends!

Thanks for playing & recommending! Sadly, I don't think an extended edition or sequel is going to happen, as I really want to make a completely new game next. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

This is good game design!


Thank you!


This game is great! I was looking for some platformer that is easier than 'pulling my hair' difficulty and what I found is beyond any expectations. This game has it all: story, design, MUSIC, gameplay. This is simply awesome. Thank you for this! It is just brilliant. And it let's you control your difficulty in a very interesting way!

I will just say that I LOVED IT

You're welcome! Thanks a lot for playing.


Love this, despite my anger! It's great how every level has 4 different modes, what a fantastic little idea that is to keep things interesting =)

Having a story to go along with the "precision platforming" (AKA rage) is a cracking addition too, makes completing every level worth it to see what happens next!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a corker! =)


That crouching long jump feels REAL good. Great job on the game!

Thank you!

It just says "press undefined" ?

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Seems the button mappings are not set correctly! I broke that in the latest update, oops. Try pressing [F12] two times on the title screen, this should reset the default keybindings until I fix it.

Edit: Should be fixed now. If it doesn't work yet, the aforementioned trick still works.

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AWESOME!!! The only problem is the size screen, sometimes I can't see the text because the screen is a little on top.... :-/

What's your screen's resolution? You could try setting screen scale to 1x or full screen in the settings menu of the desktop versions, or activate the fullscreen mode of your browser (press [F11] in Chrome or Firefox).

Cool thanks!!!

What a great concept! I love this approach to sliding scale difficulty. It was fun to find each puzzle and decide how hard I wanted it to be once I got there. Sometimes playing platformers can feel like the dev is intentionally trying to make your life a living hell for the fun of it. I think we've a reached saturation point with hardcore platformers and we need fresh takes on the genre like this. Well done. 

Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, I agree with a lot of your opinions here. Let's make games more accessible for everyone!

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Fun little game about me being awesome, and other stuff.

I enjoyed watching this! Thanks for playing!

Really a very interesting game!

Thanks for the kind words!

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edit: as seen in the author's reply below, this issue has been fixed. Game installs correctly  in the app under Linux now.

Great game!

tiny bug report: I was forced to play it in the browser though as installing via the app gave me a "no executable found" on Ubuntu. I am guessing because doesn't understand deb files. Check out the following documentation for that.


Thanks for pointing this out! I uploaded a .tar.gz as Linux version now, which the itch app should be able to load.

Works perfectly now! Thank you very much.

any chance of having a mac executable in the future?


I don't own a mac OS device I need to make a mac version, but I'll try to lend one from my friends soon. It could take a while, though! Feel free to check out the browser version in the meantime.

I think the game would feel better if camera movement is more smooth

Great  game  though

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you're enjoying the game.

Looks very nice. Can't wait to try it out!


Thank you!

I can't wait for this game to come out! From the looks of the teasers, I love it already! Can you please notify me when this comes out? My email is!

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Thanks! Added you to the mailing list.

If anyone else wants to sign up for the release mailing, you can do so on the game's website (just below the screenshots).

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