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possibly the only improvement is with the line illusions like the last screenshot on this page, it could maybe use antialiasing? was able to detect the difference with the two vertical lines just by the way the lines were drawn.

this game is fantastic


Truly a brilliant game, I enjoyed optical illusions so much as a kid and now I'm glad to see such an amazing twist to the concept. 


Thanks! I found it sometimes difficult to understand what to look for. I always managed to work it out eventually, but a short written explanation would have been immensely helpful, especially in the very first level.


Cool! Does this come with a steam key if I got it as part of a bundle?


If I remember correctly, none of the games in the charity bundles come with Steam keys. Sorry!

Good to know! Thanks :)


This was amazing. At some times it was very hard, especially the ones related to strips with slightly different tones of grey, but I still had a blast.


Thank you for playing!

is my computer giving me a false positive or does this really have a virus?

Sounds like a false positive! What virus scanner is firing & what kind of warning does it throw?

If you're getting the Windows "could not verify publisher/files downloaded from the internet might be unsafe" warning, there should be a way to get around that. Otherwise, you could try installing the game via the itch app instead.


sorry for the late reply but I'm getting the publisher unknown i checked with a virus checker and yes iw was a false positive thanks for wanting to help though

Sweet update! But it looks like I found a bug:

Ah, very good catch! I'm guessing your difficulty slider is set to a very high percentage? It does make the illusion very easy to cheese, though. I'll look into it, thanks for reporting!

This game looks great! I loved mobility and I'm really excited to play this game! I'll buy it asap, 'cause this looks wild!

Thank you! I hope to announce a release date soon, so stay tuned!


Don't worry I will, thought I'm sad 'cause I don' t have access to a computer rn, but I'll play it asap