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The winner of the Annual Dutch Game Maker Contest #38 (although it had more jury members than games entered)!

Subarashï is a puzzle platformer where you play a ninja on a quest to collect crystals in an old cave. He meets a fairy there, which allows him the power to create explosions. You move either move the ninja, or select the location for the explosion with the mouse. This creates a puzzle game unique in its kind.

"I think this is a really cool game. Level structure and leveldesign is very good and the idea is also very original (never seen something like this before). There are a few fun puzzles where I really had to think for a while and often I don't just had to blow a way through the blocks, but I had to think how the terrain would react on my explosion." - Kah, Dutch Game Maker Community

The game contains 20 normal levels, 5 bonus levels (accessable when the game is beaten), and funny dialog between the ninja and the fairy. Most people beat the game in 45 minutes.


Subarashï 1.3.exe 47 MB

Install instructions

This game is an exe that can be run on any Windows PC running XP or higher.

This game was made with Game Maker 8 and support GameJolt features.