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Box Kickers is back! Duel up to three friends on each of the sixteen available arenas, featuring both new, isometric stadiums as well as the classic battlefields from the original Box Kickers.

Kick boxes towards each other- that is the goal of Box Kickers.You don't fight with your fists, kung fu moves or pixelated lances, but use the power of box kicking to overwhelm the other player. It is a simplistic, but still hectic premise. Levels contain all sorts of tools for the job, including sloped walls, bombs, conveyors and destructible terrain. Constant vigilance and quick reflexes play key roles as you try prevent getting overrun.

Originally intended as an update for the original game, Box Kickers X quickly outgrew its scope. X adds four player multiplayer for even more frantic fun. The game now also runs fluidly on a high framerate and adds lots of graphical detail, which makes the game better than ever.

If the built-in battlegrounds start to bore you, the game comes with it's own level editor with which you can build your own stages. It even allows for some more experimental levels than you can find in the game. Create dazzling new arenas to duel on with your friends!

While the focus of the game is multiplayer with at least two people, lone players can also get started with Vase Breaker, where you try to break all fragile objects as quickly as possible. Use it to practice before you enter the real fight!

So whatcha waiting for? Gather some friends around your PC and get kickin'!


  • Local four player time matches! Use your keyboard, USB controllers or even your mouse to play! Key remapping available.
  • Sixteen levels: six classics from the original Box Kickers, another six new battlefields, and four custom levels ready for both playing and editing.
  • Two camera perspectives: a simple 'Flat' style and a new 'Isometric' style.
  • Single player Vase Breaker minigame with eight levels to practice!
  • A user friendly level editor to create your own 'Flat' style levels.

For more info about Box Kickers X, check out the game's Trello board.


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