Quadmatrix is a short, minimalist dodge 'em up that attempts to create the bullet hell feel with just one single (but very annoying) bullet! Try to survive all of the forty wildly different waves! Accessibility options are available, for example to to set the game speed. Submission for the Bullet Hell Jam 2022.


WASD/Arrow keys: Move
Space: Bullet Time (hold to move more slowly) / Select menu option
ESC: Pause


  • Dotted lines indicate where the bullet will appear next.
  • If the line has filled up, make sure you stay clear!
  • An arrow will also indicate if the bullet will start moving in a certain direction!
  • Red outlined bullets will appear soon. The white area indicates the next wave!
  • Stay on your toes, and try to find the blind spots!
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
TagsBullet Hell, Difficult, dodge-em-up, Minimalist, Shoot 'Em Up, Short


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Basic concept but so well polished! Love the way you should adapt your movement each wave to fully understand all blocks patterns.

great mechanics, super fun! thanks :D


1st try2nd try


Really enjoyed this game! Hope to possibly see more waves in the future.


Quad Matrix at 13:14



Really Cool! But please, enable the fullscreen button.


Really like this concept for a bullet hell!! Been really into bullet hell games lately and this one is really good for being so small with such a simple idea.


This is super awesome! Love to play this game, it's very well designed and the concept is very well implemented. Well done. Being a Game Jam, it is still made beautiful and enjoyable. Although it's a small concept at this stage, it would be great to look into the bigger picture. Scaling this game by taking care of user feedback and intuitiveness would be the next step.

I and my team would love to have an eye on this project ahead of time. So, added you to our future checking list. All the best.


cool game! :)