Move with arrow keys/WASD. [Z] to undo, [R] to restart, [Esc] for level select.

Come and see the great Sokoban magician, the Spectacular Spade ♠! As if by wizardry, they shift the stage and move the rabbits 🐇 below the floating hats 🎩, and give the audience a show they'll never forget!

This is short Sokoban variant that is loosely based on the 15 Puzzle and Rosden's Sliding Ground. It was made for the Thinky Puzzle Jam 2.

Made with my fork of Puzzlescript (more details & credits here). Hack this game!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsMagic, PuzzleScript, Sokoban


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Hey, the "hack" button seems to be leading to the wrong page

Fixed, thanks for reporting! 🎩

So your goal is to wear a hat? Awesome

Correction: Your goal is to make rabbits wear hats


Nice little game. I like that my player character can wear the hat temporarily, haha.

Wow! I haven't seen a creative puzzle game like this in a while. 

Cool! I love the presentation and the interesting ways the ground below you can bend, all around a very good show (of coding magic)

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I liked the encore levels more than the rest of the game since they were deductive rather than trial and error/fiddling. 0:51 is by far the hardest level.


Very hard, but very fun!