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cool game

really fun! Wish I could have made the map full screen but loved it otherwise

nice but i can climb those level 1 steep hills at the beginning.


Great game!

SPOILER Have to admit tho, I was a little jarred at the ending that says I jumped into the spaceship. HOW???


probably with your legs

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I cant overcome the hanging bridge!

oh wait i dont need to yet

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SPOILER also, before the ultimate question i thought you can enter the vehicle...


Good and unique metroidvania! lack of jumping makes it challenging


Hi Densh, I had a go at your game a few days ago, and enjoyed playing it very much; it certainly is a Metroid-like game :)

While I have only gotten one ending so far, I'll be trying out the other choice in the next few days :)


Hello Densh, I got the other ending, and while it felt sad, I was happy to have completed the game :)

Really funny and entertaining! :-)

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Despite that no jump is simple but very interesting, and everything just for good gameplay and welcoming music.