A metroidvania platformer made for the Game Boy jam. However, in this platformer, you cannot jump. You might think 'what's the fun in platforming, then?' Puzzle solving, exploration and just enjoying a more relaxed interpretation of the metroidvania genre. And you will be offered a pretty interesting choice should you make it to the end of the game...

In the Game Boy Jam, the goal was to make a game inspired by the original handheld, and to use it's resolution and a limited color palette, within ten days. If you would like to experience the world without hand-holding, then you are free to do so. If you need just a little extra push to figure out what to do, you can use the sign posts placed near all interesting locations.

Vote for the Game Boy Jam here.

Arrow Keys/WASD/ZQSD: Move
Up: Float (upgrade required)
Down: Ground pound (upgrade required)
Space/Enter/E: Interact (Talk, Read, Save, etc.)
R: Return to previous checkpoint
Shift: Toggle music

Any key will process dialog text.

Published Aug 22, 2015
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
TagsExploration, GBJam, Metroidvania


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jumpNULLV1_2.exe 4 MB
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jumpNULLV1_2.apk 12 MB
jumpNULL.exe (jam version) 2 MB

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Hi Densh, I had a go at your game a few days ago, and enjoyed playing it very much; it certainly is a Metroid-like game :)

While I have only gotten one ending so far, I'll be trying out the other choice in the next few days :)


Hello Densh, I got the other ending, and while it felt sad, I was happy to have completed the game :)

Really funny and entertaining! :-)

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Despite that no jump is simple but very interesting, and everything just for good gameplay and welcoming music.