A short puzzle game about driving home in a city with 24 rush hours a day.

Drag the blocks with the mouse. Z to undo, R to restart, ESC for level select.

You can hack this game with my fork of Puzzlescript (more details & credits here). The font is Monogram by Datagoblin.

Jun '22: Engine update, fixes some bugs.
March '22: Someone requested a Windows version, I added one. Enjoy!
v4 (feb '22): Engine update, fixes that multiple cursors could appear.
v3 (nov '21): Engine update (optimizations & sound toggle button)
v2 (feb '21): Fullscreen mode is now optional. Fixed some visual bugs.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
Made withPuzzleScript
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial


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gridblocked-win.zip 92 MB
Version 1


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Nice puzzles!!

i hate and love this game




i love portals


i luv rush hour :D


but wit PORTALS!!!

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cant download the game, wish I could :( but 15/10 good game

Yeah, you can sorta download it using the itch app for now. I might look into making a proper desktop build, though. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes please do! And how many levels are there so far? I would be love to pay for this if it has a good amount of levels.


It has about a dozen levels. (I could probably make more, but I'm already really pushing Puzzlescript to the limit with this game, so I'd probably need to re-implement it in a different game engine!) I really don't wanna charge for it since it's basically a Rush Hour fangame :P


11/10 cool idea cool desing and kul gameplay :)


Cool game, I recorded my playthrough here: 

I felt so smart after figuring out the last level. Also I was absolutely terrified when chapter 3 started. There is so much complexity that can introduce.

I'm stuck on 3B, can anyone help me out?

Here's a small hint for 3B (it's encoded in rot13):

Gel gb trg zbfg bs gur oynpx oybpxf vagb gur obggbz yrsg pbeare juvyr gryrcbegvat gur erq oybpx hc bar ebj ng n gvzr!

If you need more hints, feel free to ask!


Thanks alot! I finished the game 30mins after I saw this. Great game!


That insanely satisfying moment when you got it X)


Done it,Final lvl was hard,good game =

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I really liked your game, but I have been stuck on level 3E for hours! To beat it I even tried to load the game in PuzzleScript+ editor and run the solver, but that did not work...
Congrats really, I enjoyed playing it very much.

Thanks! The solver is only for keyboard controlled Puzzlescript games: see the wiki on the repo for more info!


I tried again today, and I've finally beaten the last level!
Thank you for this great game 😉


wow really nice ! it's really inovative ! It's strange that no one thought to add portals to this block pushing puzzle, but it works really well ! I'm glad someone did it, and I'm glad it was you, because it works really well !

This was really fun to play! The base game concept of having the blocks on a grid was something I had seen before. I clicked on this expecting it to be just a juicy version of an older game. But I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of the portals, which really does change the game a lot. Favorite mechanic was the moving portals which I thought were a lot of fun. Great job on this difficult yet satisfying and enjoyable puzzle game!

I like it :) The portals were a great addition and a nice way to deviate from games of similar concept.

This was amazing. i love the portals.


really great


The portals are such a smart addition to the block puzzle format, and I love the way that you keep escalating the complexity of the mechanic.

Also, I can't believe it's puzzlescript! It's the little engine that (received some cybernetic implants and)  could :)


Really Good


I got everything but the last level and I definitely used a way too complicated solution for the second to last level, my brain is smoking right now. Good job


Nice work!


Wake me up when the walkthrough gets on YT.


On top of what's already been said, this game looks great too


nice game! i really like the solution to the last puzzle.
however, i tried to use the hack link, but it sends me to something else instead. can you please fix that? thanks!

Thank you for reporting this, I fixed it!

same! the last puzzle was definitely an "OH" moment when I figured it out. what a well thought out addition to the classic sliding puzzle game. <3


I was a bit doubtful at first, but the portals are actually a nice addition that blends smoothly into the original game.


great puzzle game very gun!!!


Good game! Great puzzles, not too hard to figure out, though I didn't finish it.