A short puzzle game about driving home in a city with 24 rush hours a day.

Drag the blocks with the mouse. Z to undo, R to restart, ESC for level select.

You can hack this game with my fork of Puzzlescript (more details & credits here). The font is Monogram by Datagoblin.

Jun '22: Engine update, fixes some bugs.
March '22: Someone requested a Windows version, I added one. Enjoy!
v4 (feb '22): Engine update, fixes that multiple cursors could appear.
v3 (nov '21): Engine update (optimizations & sound toggle button)
v2 (feb '21): Fullscreen mode is now optional. Fixed some visual bugs.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(122 total ratings)
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
Made withPuzzleScript
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial


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gridblocked-win.zip 92 MB
Version 1


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The portals add a fresh take to this style of puzzle.

my dream game 

that was weirdly, cool. very cool


wow, game play good. can you share me source code . i want learn how make this game.

Very unique and challenging!  




good game 


very good puzzle

 nice puzzles

good game


el mejor juego que e vist

Playable on android nice

great game but hard

really good


stuck on 3e but still a great game 100/10

hard, can be

Deleted post

me quede hasta el 3d muy entretenido!


interesting concept, well done!


Nice puzzles!!

i hate and love this game




i love portals


i luv rush hour :D


but wit PORTALS!!!

(1 edit)

cant download the game, wish I could :( but 15/10 good game

Yeah, you can sorta download it using the itch app for now. I might look into making a proper desktop build, though. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes please do! And how many levels are there so far? I would be love to pay for this if it has a good amount of levels.


It has about a dozen levels. (I could probably make more, but I'm already really pushing Puzzlescript to the limit with this game, so I'd probably need to re-implement it in a different game engine!) I really don't wanna charge for it since it's basically a Rush Hour fangame :P


11/10 cool idea cool desing and kul gameplay :)


Cool game, I recorded my playthrough here: 


I felt so smart after figuring out the last level. Also I was absolutely terrified when chapter 3 started. There is so much complexity that can introduce.

I'm stuck on 3B, can anyone help me out?

Here's a small hint for 3B (it's encoded in rot13):

Gel gb trg zbfg bs gur oynpx oybpxf vagb gur obggbz yrsg pbeare juvyr gryrcbegvat gur erq oybpx hc bar ebj ng n gvzr!

If you need more hints, feel free to ask!


Thanks alot! I finished the game 30mins after I saw this. Great game!


That insanely satisfying moment when you got it X)


Done it,Final lvl was hard,good game =

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I really liked your game, but I have been stuck on level 3E for hours! To beat it I even tried to load the game in PuzzleScript+ editor and run the solver, but that did not work...
Congrats really, I enjoyed playing it very much.

Thanks! The solver is only for keyboard controlled Puzzlescript games: see the wiki on the repo for more info!


I tried again today, and I've finally beaten the last level!
Thank you for this great game 馃槈


wow really nice ! it's really inovative ! It's strange that no one thought to add portals to this block pushing puzzle, but it works really well ! I'm glad someone did it, and I'm glad it was you, because it works really well !

This was really fun to play! The base game concept of having the blocks on a grid was something I had seen before. I clicked on this expecting it to be just a juicy version of an older game. But I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of the portals, which really does change the game a lot. Favorite mechanic was the moving portals which I thought were a lot of fun. Great job on this difficult yet satisfying and enjoyable puzzle game!

I like it :) The portals were a great addition and a nice way to deviate from games of similar concept.

This was amazing. i love the portals.


really great


The portals are such a smart addition to the block puzzle format, and I love the way that you keep escalating the complexity of the mechanic.

Also, I can't believe it's puzzlescript! It's the little engine that (received some cybernetic implants and)  could :)


Really Good

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