Player 1: Press [Z] to attack, [X] to defend. Player 2: Press [K] to attack, [L] to defend. Click on the game window first if inputs don't register.

Press both buttons at the same time to counter- if an attack hits you then, it gets reflected back!
You can cancel an attack during it's charging period. Trick your enemy into countering, then cancel and strike during the cooldown!
If you can get a single strike or counter on the enemy, you win the round and score a point. The winner is the first player to score ten points. Use [F5] to restart the game.

Punish Party is a concept for a heavily simplified fighting game. I'm an avid Smash Bros. player, but don't really like more conventional fighting games because of complex controls and time investment required to get the hang of it. That's why, in a game design assignment at my school, I took on the assigment to pitch a more accessible fighting game. Inspired by Divekick, the Quick Draw minigame in the Kirby series, and a whole lot of Sirlin's insights, I made a concept of a game that you could play with just two buttons, giving each player four actions to do. And that eventually evolved into Punish Party!

Here's the prototype I used for the pitch. I'm currently not interested in developing a complete version, but at the very least you can play this prototype! Please let me know if you enjoyed it and would be interested in a complete version!