2021 update and name change

This game is at least four years old now (probably even older, but I forgot how old exactly!), and I've learned a lot about puzzle design since then. So, I figured this would be a good time for a small polish update. I'm not gonna add or modify the puzzles in this game, but I wanted to improve the existing experience a bit.

Here's the full changelog:

- Game is now known as Nonoban: Picross Pushers

- Level select: you can now play all levels in the game in any order!

- Doubled resolution of sprites: especially the hint numbers look a lot better now.

- Changed order of levels, placing all levels where you control multiple players after the credits

- Modified one of the extra levels to remove unnecessary player characters

- Changed some messages to make instructions less dense

I also added a hack link to the itch page so you can view the source code of the game.

I'm removing the desktop version for now, mostly since the itch app has pretty good support for browser games nowadays I don't see any reason to maintain these. The Android version will stay available but won't be updated.

Thank you for playing!

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