Arrow keys/WASD to move. [Z] to undo. [R] to restart. [Esc] to access level select.

You are a necromancer, visiting a graveyard to recruit new skeletons for your undead army. However, you're too lazy to do all the work yourself. Revive half of the skeletons in each level, then push them to the remaining graves to do the work for you!

Made with my fork of Puzzlescript (more details & credits here). Thanks to Marcos Donnantuoni for the Puzzlescript AutoSolver. Thanks to Unidrax for playtesting.

v2: Fixed that some invalid puzzle solutions would be accepted, if a grave was placed on the camera marker. Thanks to Steven J. Miller for reporting!
v3 (May 2022): New version using Puzzlescript Plus, with a better camera, font, movement animation, and some other small fixes/polish.

Here is the Ludum Dare entry for this game! You can hack the jam version of the game.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorAuroriax (Tom H.)
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsDark, Ludum Dare 46, PuzzleScript


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You're welcome! I hope the solver was useful :)

Definitely, the solver performed very well on my small levels! Otherwise I could never have made this many puzzles in three days :P

Yay, a success case! :)

I love it ! Really cool, even if I get stuck at the 9th puzzle (>_< really hard this one, for some reason) i enjoy it so much ! It's simple yet so much cool ! And the overall polish and work on it make it so good (like the menu, the redo and undo button, it's all so usefull and cool!) Really, one of my favorite game from the jam from now (too bad the "Ludum Dare Entry" just goes to this same page and not the LD-page to vote )

Thank you for playing! I've fixed the Ludum Dare link issue, thank you for reporting!

(1 edit) (+1)

What a delight! 3, 9 and 11 ended up being the real head-scratchers, for me at least. Particular kudos for 11 - it's always a sign of elegant design when a puzzle manages to conjure up a feeling of complexity bordering on impossibility out of a tiny level space.

The <spoiler> was a neat idea as well - if you're contemplating any post-jam revisions, I wondered if that bit could be made a little more difficult/different. (The finale of Jack Lance's Seasons puzzlescript opus has a mind-blowing approach to repeating levels)

Thank you for playing, and your feedback! The <spoiler> was definitely a late addition that I couldn't flesh out fully, but I might revisit the entire game at some point to add more puzzles. 😊