A downloadable game for Windows

You are major Tom Foolery, part of the Royal Espionage Team, responsible for intercepting and broadcasting radio messages.  

You have been given two documents-- one to decipher our messages, and another to decode enemy communication. Both use the same characters, but with different meaning.  It is your task to translate intercepted enemy messages to our own code, and broadcast it to our frequency! To do this, you must use the documents and map provided with the download.

Good luck, soldier, and remember-- even if you aren't on the battlefield, you’re still fighting along us. Onward! To glory and victory!

Made for the Global Game Jam 2018 by a team of four people. Theme: Transmission.


Hidden Listener (GGJ18) 113 MB

Install instructions

1) Download and unzip the file.
2) Check the documents folder, and print these out or open them on a second screen.
3) Open the Game folder and run GGJ18.exe. Put the punch card into the machine on the right to read the enemy code, then pull it out, take an empty one, and translate the message into the allied code.