A downloadable game for Windows

WARNING: This game uses bright color effects. If you have epilepsy or something alike I recommend you not to play this game.

Edit (26 Feb): The game has been open sourced and a .gm81 is offered for download alongside the other game. More info in my post at GameJolt.

You are on a maze with a top-down view (like Pac-Man)

You can't move directly backwards (like Clu Clu Land)

The game speeds up until it becomes impossible to play (like Duck Hunt)

The game is difficult and one hit has you dead (like Flappy Bird).

Welcome to BRIGHT, where you are thrown on a grid avoiding always incoming obstacles coming from all directions. How long can you survive in this digital world full of obstructions and chaos?

We'd like to see you try!

(This game was made for Flappy Jam, which I am entering together with my brother to see whose game gets the highest rating. His game can be found at http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam/rate/3278 )


BRIGHT.exe 23 MB
BRIGHT Open Source.gm81 255 kB

Install instructions

The file you've got is a normal .exe and should be able to run on a Windows computer without any additional programs.

The .gm81, however, should be opened by YoYoGames' Game Maker 8.1, or should be imported by Game Maker Studio (not tested). You can find tutorials how to do this in the respective documentations. You should not worry about this if you just want to play the game, just download and run the .exe.

Happy gaming!